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Hello, everyone.

It’d be easy to make this statement short, but the fact of the matter is Idaho Blueprint  & Supply hasn’t had the shortest time here. Since 1909, for 113 years, its place in the everchanging Downtown Boise has been consistent and growing. Idaho Blueprint has been there for your blueprint, surveying, map, drafting, art supply-and everything in between needs. Maybe there are some of you who remember the days of blue line and being helped by Tom Zabala or later Linda, and maybe some of you have just started visiting us.

And as we head toward a new year, we have made the decision to close our doors. We are not closing this company with anger, sadness (okay, maybe a little sadness), impulse, or because we must. We are closing to begin the next chapter in our lives, which admittedly is a couple of years earlier than expected. None of this would have been possible without the generations before us and we are especially thankful to Linda for her support, advice, and generosity.

We are forever thankful and grateful to our customers, to the employees of past and present, vendors, our neighbors, and to a downtown we’ve been so lucky to call home. Our final day will be December 16, 2022.

All printing, scanning, mounting, and laminating services will continue until supplies run out or December 16 arrives. We will begin discounting all supplies and products immediately and all sales will be final. Gift cards need to be used by December 16, and we will honor all cards even if they say expired or you think they are expired. Bob is going to be with us until closing and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without him.

We hope to see you at least one last time.

Christian and Sheila Cummins

Idaho Blueprint & Supply Co., Inc.

P.S. We did do the yearly calendars and they are out if you would like to stop by and get one!