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Idaho Blueprint is a leading provider of imaging services including: large format printing, blueprinting and digital printing of plans, as well as small scale high speed digital black and white and color copying.  We can print from industry standard graphic formats such as: Quark, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Page Maker, CorelDRAW, Corel Photo-Paint, Microsoft Publisher, JPG, PNG, TIF, EPS, and PDF.

To provide the highest quality, we also support color matching for which we have been inkjet certified by the International Reprographics Association.

Listed below are details on the imaging services we provide:

Digital plotting

Digital plotting is continuing to advance at an extremely rapid pace.  At Idaho Blueprint & Supply we are staying a step ahead to meet your growing demands in digital printing  with state-of-the-art plotters and supporting technology. We can provide you with accurate reproductions quickly and cost effectively. And, we can help you with your document management and storage needs.

Bond Printing

Crisp,Clean, and Odor-Free!  Our plotters are the most productive large format plotters available. This technology allows us to print your drawings on demand, up to 800 sheets per hour, with your choice of materials, including mylar.  Vector to raster conversions, screen tints and area fills on bond or vellum are just a few of the capabilities of our equipment. For speed versatility and quality output, were the best.  We have the ability to digitally print as many sets of your drawings as you desire, eliminating the need to transfer to the diazo process. All sets are crisp and clean, with no background, no odor, and no fading. Our plotters have excellent screening capabilities as well. These are excellent prints to give your clients and contractors.

Small format color

  • up to 12 x 18 color prints
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Variety of paper stocks
  • Digital Color Output that can truly be mistaken for Offset

Large format color

  • Up to 60” wide
  • Photo-canvas-watercolor papers
  • Banners
  • Signs

At Idaho Blueprint & Supply we can add the power of color to your presentations with our extensive color reproduction capabilities. We have expanded our inventory of equipment to meet the growing demand for this innovative process.